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August 10, 2015 

“World’s Laziest Demonstration” Slated for August 16th


What Vice’s Motherboard heralded last year as, “The World’s Laziest Protest” will mark its 5th anniversary on August 16th this Sunday.  Last year a record number of demonstrators worldwide waved at security cameras and other surveillance equipment, many submitting photos and videos of themselves with supporting signage and clothing to pledge solidarity with the event.  Zorbitor urges Worldwide Waveday participants to wave at security devices when they’re ‘at home’ on August 16th, or as the highly referential video states, ‘at work and in between.’

Last year’s most notable Wave Day awareness participant was cultural anthropologist and visual artist Franziska Jentsch of from Berlin, Germany – the country where more security devices per capita have been installed and are reportedly active 24/7. Britain’s economy has constrained its surveillance despite outnumbering Germany’s per capita installations. This may change markedly in the future however. Cycles of surveillance, in Zorbitor’s view, are in flux. Citing  ‘rhythms of increase and decrease’, Zorbitor sees ‘dynamic symmetry’, or ‘self-similar growth patterns’ in surveillance which suggest that, with the insurgence of drone activity, Plato’s observation that, “The way down and the way up are one and the same” rings especially relevant under the knowing gaze of today’s world eyeball.

But just what is International Wave at Surveillance Day? Is each wave on August 16th a way of alerting ‘watchers’ that ‘we’ are watching back? Is it a borderless, nonviolent statement of mutual awareness and solidarity under our burgeoning ‘Big Bother’ social reality? Or is it simply all things to all people? Whatever it is, a record number of viewers of this year’s YouTube video on Zorbitor’s channel are sharing and discussing including noted scientist, futurist and author David Brin (The Postman, Existence, The Transparent Society).

Zorbitor has seen a rise in video viewers from the USA and the Phillippines this year while in years past support has been especially strong from both Germany, where Zorbitor’s video was banned in 2011, and from Orwell’s heavily surveilled Britain. Whatever is in store for this year’s demonstration, those gesturing at the ‘watchers’ on August 16th are sure to be catching a lazy wave.